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With all of the health information available don’t you find it interesting that you can’t seem to find a way to stay consistently healthy and fit? The explanation can be as simple as knowing that most of us don’t have a working knowledge of how the body works. With the application of this health information we would find it easier to remain fit and healthy.

Studies Indicate…

Studies have shown that Americans are by and large poorly educated about health. Nutrition, health care in general and medicine are all large gaps in most American’s knowledge. Many are either unable to grasp the information available to them or do not have enough information about healthy practices to maintain health. What we don’t know can and does hurt us too – A lot of illnesses are related to unhealthy lifestyle habits which could be averted if more information was conveyed effectively to people. Also included are emotional and mental health factors, which a large percentage of Americans are uneducated in the effective management of for better health.

Simply not engaging in these harmful behavior patterns would go a long way towards improving general health amongst the populace, but of course many are unaware of what habits are healthy versus which are unhealthy. In the absence of information being readily available to the public in a way that they can understand, this is likely to continue. So what conclusion can we draw from this premise? Simply, there needs to be more health information out there.
World Wide Web Research.

The hundred dollar question is “Do we really attempt to get Health information? With the advent of the World Wide Web it is really difficult to find a good reason for having a lack of good health information facts. The latest research states that over half of the American adults have access to the World Wide Web. Having access to the Internet means access to the myriad of of websites that have good health information on human anatomy and health.

Some of these websites even provide animated sequences that illustrate the human anatomy and it’s functioning. This makes it a lot easier to grasp the information and is more interesting then other more basic ways of presenting the information. If you think about it since these are some of the same health information vehicles that medical students use then shouldn’t we be doing the same? Having access to animations that graphically illustrate how different systems of the body work will of course lead to a better grasp of the systems involved and allow one to modify the associated behavior. This will lead to more consistent health and fitness.
As an example, let us take the endocrine system. The hormones produced by this system affect almost every part of the body; nearly every organ, every function is to some degree influenced by the workings of the endocrine system. A demonstration, in graphical or animated format would lead to greater understanding of the endocrine system and the body as a whole. This could lead to a greater concern with controlling stress once a basic understanding of the effects of hormones on health has been established.
In Summary.

A greater understanding of this system, such as could be gained through an animated demonstration could well lead to a better understanding of the relation between stress and health on the part of the public.

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